Antenna & RF Design

Alpha Omega Electromagnetics (AOE) provides custom antenna and Radio Frequency design for a wide range of applications.  AOE's antenna and RF design capabilities include:

AOE has been designing and testing antenna
arrays for more than 20 years


  • Design
  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Analysis
  • Testing

AOE can also provide Passive Component Design, as well as Signal Integrity Analysis.

Antenna Design

antenna designAOE provides top-notch antenna design that results in functional implementation of high performance requirements. Our practical-driven process includes reviewing the initial client and project needs and collaborating with our client to develop practical requirements and design goals. After agreeing on a design concept, AOE performs a Situational Analysis to identify and prioritize additional design goals and objectives. This process leads to antenna design solutions that are innovative, practical, cost-effective and useful.

RF Design

AOE’s capabilities include extremely broadband antenna designs

AOE has solid skills and experience in RF Design, providing:

  • Simulation tools that are highly accurate
  • Over 20 years experience per AOE engineer
  • Full test capability including analyzers
  • Quick prototypes
  • Flexibility to provide customized designs
  • Ability to translate requirements into
    practical product designs
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