Business Interests

AOE has a 'two-tiered' business plan focusing on Antenna Product Development and Commercial Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation Software Product Development.

Our antenna product development includes innovative designs and applications of novel flat antenna products and electrically small, wideband antenna technology. We also develop radiating element technology for wideband notch radiating elements, high performance patch radiating elements, wide scanning circularly polarized array technology, and specialty antennas.

AOE's EM algorithm is based on advanced Electromagnetics research and development in order to support advanced aperture design, foster technological innovation, reduce design time, cost and risk. AOE's software provides a fast, iterative solver, periodic boundary condition support, Et-Ht port formulation, and provides highly accurate proprietary error indicators and adaptive techniques. An efficient hybrid formulation combining finite element techniques in 3D regions and moment methods in stratified regions is offered for efficient computation.

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