Computational Electromagnetics

The successful development of antenna and RF technology requires a firm foundational understand of the physics of electromagnetic phenomena. The laws of electromagnetic (EM) theory as described by Maxwell’s equations govern such physical mechanisms as radiation and signal transmission. These are complex vector-valued coupled-partial-differential equations that can not, in general, be solved in closed form. It is vital therefore to have a computational EM field software simulation capability that can accurately model the physics of radiation and wave phenomena.

AOE Advanced Electromagnetic Simulation Software Development Group
AOE staffs a highly experienced Ph.D.-level computational electromagnetic algorithm and simulation software development group led by Dr. Eric W. Lucas. The group’s mission is to provide world-class EM simulation software built upon a proprietary and comprehensive object-oriented framework whose design readily supports the rapid development of diverse state-of-the-art solver technologies. AOE’s computational EM group has focused primarily on the development of extensively featured and robust 3D finite element (FEM) and integral equation (MoM) solver implementations suitable for the industrial-grade engineering simulation of diverse, geometrically complex real-world RF devices.

Software Technology

AOE's EM algorithm supports advanced aperture design, fosters technological innovation, and reduces design time, cost and risk

Through more than a decade of active research in the field of computational electromagnetics, engineers at AOE have developed a state-of-the-art, proprietary 3D finite element (FEM) and moment-method (MOM) based field simulation software technology. This software has a time-tested track record for accurate field simulation particularly as it applies to scanning phased array antennas, and various RF and microwave devices.

While at the Northrop Grumman Corporation, this software was successfully used for the design and performance simulation of both the F22 and JSF advanced technology radar antennas. These phased array antennas likely represent the highest performance scanning phased array technology in existence to date. Because this modeling capability is based on numerical methods, it is extremely general and can easily handle the ‘real-world’ geometries and materials that are required for industrial product applications. Such 3D computations are often thought to be very time and computer resource intensive, but AOE’s proprietary iterative matrix solver and adaptive mesh refinement technologies all but alleviate these inconveniences.

Why Choose AOE for Computational Electromagnetics


AOE's proprietary software provides customers with highly accurate analysis techniques

AOE’s algorithms are dependably robust and permit very large sparse matrix systems to be solved literally in minutes on a personal computer. AOE’s theoretical expertise in computational EM combined with its extensive practical hardware and software design experience makes us an excellent choice for providing research, consulting and software product development services.

We have the technical expertise to assess and critically judge the current commercially available software packages, and can offer valuable guidance to non-experts with regard to applicability, value etc. In addition, AOE’s proprietary algorithms and product concepts can be made available for technology transfers for internal or commercially marketable software product development…product development from an engineer’s perspective.

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