EM Simulation & Analysis

Electromagnetic (EM)Simulation & Analysis provides invaluable feedback and insight for both antenna design and RF design before costly development cycles. Alpha Omega Electromagnetics (AOE) provides leading EM Simulation & Analysis services with a solid track record of modeling and highly accurate analysis.

AOE can provide Simulation & Analysis for your custom antenna and RF applications

EM Simulation & Analysis Overview

AOE works closely with clients on EM Simulation and Analysis by:

  • Consulting on project needs and goals
  • Providing top Virtual Prototyping analysis
  • Using multiple-confirmation analysis processes with multiple analysis tools
  • Using proprietary software analysis tools

Benefits of Outsourcing EM Simulation & Analysis

Validating antenna design and RF Design earlier and accurately in the development cycle will help to reduce costs and yield a more practical end product.  The benefits of outsourcing simulation and analysis to AOE include partnering with an experienced team who is:

  • More Responsive
  • Lower Cost
  • Higher Level of Expertise
  • Provides Faster Turnaround

Our services have great value to both engineers and program managers looking for successful projects.

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