Mechanical Design & Analysis

AOE has worked in all phases of the design process: From product inception
to product delivery.

AOE’s capabilities include mechanical engineering design and analysis services. AOE uses 3D CAD technology to generate, design, and simulate electronic packaging solutions as well as provide any necessary engineering drawings. AOE is experienced in applied mechanical design and analysis, drawing, and drafting standards and has developed engineering prototypes as well as production hardware. AOE Design and Analysis capabilities provide the expertise and ability to guide your project from concept to product realization:

  • Mechanical Engineering & Design
  • Creating 3D CAD Solid Models
  • 2D Drafting & Detailed Drawings
  • Prototype Development
  • Engineering Analysis for Antennas, Electronic Packaging
  • Structural and Thermal Analysis

AOE’s Mechanical Capabilities:

AOE reduces prototype costs using assembly and tolerance verification processes

Tolerance Stack-up Validation
AOE verifies dimensioning and tolerancing schemes (including GD&T) to ensure proper fit and function. This significantly reduces prototyping cost typically required to test for assembly fit and function and reveals worst-case issues not usually detectable with prototyping. It also reduces production costs since looser tolerances and less expensive manufacturing methods can be implemented where tight tolerances are not needed.


AOE detects and corrects issues prior to manufacturing using a 3D computer environment

Assembly Analysis
AOE’s assembly analysis capability is a key element in the design and manufacture of affordable engineering design. Using a 3D computer environment, AOE can dynamically alter and move parts into place to determine the fit of all antenna parts and ensure that their installation is possible with respect to surrounding and previously installed parts. This enables detection and correction of problems prior to manufacturing and assembly. The result is an overall reduction in design cost and scheduling.



AOE can provide engineering drawings to meet your needs

Engineering Drawing
AOE can provide requisite drawings to meet our customer’s requirements, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Source control
  • Interface control
  • Assembly level drawings
  • Accurate revision control
  • Integrated parts lists
  • Bill of Materials data


AOE analyzes thermal impact on your antenna product designs

Thermal Analysis
AOE uses 3D finite element simulation software to analyze heating and cooling effects on antenna product designs. This permits AOE to examine boundary conditions, thermal excursion limits, and thermo-mechanical interactions to optimize antenna product cost and performance.




AOE provides structural finite element
analysis using industry standard commercial software to design better antenna products

Structural Analysis
AOE uses commercial 3D finite element simulation software to study static or dynamic loading in order to evaluate antenna product performance under stress, strain, and displacement. This includes thermo-mechanical loading based on thermal studies or fatigue damage based on repeated loadings as well. This analysis is used to predict structural failure limits such as yielding, buckling, and fatigue.

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