Mr. Robert G. Schmier

Mr. Robert G. Schmier directs AOE’s antenna design technologies and product development. He received his Masters degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech University in 1986 with a 4.0 GPA. He has over 20 years of industrial experience in the area of advanced technology aperture design, and has numerous and diverse antenna and RF designs to his credit. He has vast expertise in the design, electromagnetic modeling and fabrication techniques for diverse Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) and wideband phased arrays, including patch, waveguide and notch radiating elements, electrically small tunable and body-worn antennas and ultra-wideband low-to-medium gain antennas. He has received multiple outstanding performance awards, 2 patents and numerous invention disclosure awards.

Mr. Schmier possesses vast expertise in electromagnetic modeling, RF design and diverse antenna fabrication and measurement techniques. He has been responsible for the design and technology development of various high performance antennas, including high cross polarization descrimination phased arrays, special purpose body-worn antennas, embedded and smart antennas as well as some novel ultra-wide-band configurations. Mr. Schmier has particular expertise in printed antenna technology, and has developed AOE’s proprietary dual-circularly-polarized technology for future DBS TV reception systems. Mr. Schmier has been responsible for AOE’s antenna and RF technology design and development programs for such customers as Xetron, Motorola, Northrop Grumman, TRW, Iowave, BAE, Boeing, Ball Aerospace and the U.S. Government.

Mr. Schmier was the principal RF design engineer responsible for several diverse phased array aperture and frequency-selective radome design programs while working for the Northrop Grumman ESSD/Westinghouse Electric Corporation. His radiating element design expertise has included high performance waveguide, notch and patch radiator architectures. Mr. Schmier developed state-of-the-art technologies for applications requiring wide-band, wide-scanning, linear and circularly polarized array performance that supported programs such as GBR, AWAP, and Comanche. He was responsible for advancing Northrop Grumman’s patch radiator capabilities, making these elements a viable option for applications such as space-borne phased arrays. He was program manager and lead designer of a successful and efficient communication array employing wideband patch technology with integrated space-combined amplifiers. Mr. Schmier was the lead electrical designer of the Lowball and Raincoat wide-band, low-sidelobe, secure communications phased array antennas. His wide-band RF manifold designs have been used in F-22, GBR, as well as other phased array radar programs. He was program manager and lead designer of a special purpose, electrically small receive-only antenna. Mr. Schmier also developed advanced algorithms for array backscatter prediction and served as lead antenna RCS reduction engineer on significant programs such Northrop ATF (later F-22) and Thimble.

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